Mum shares ¡®wiggle butt¡¯ burping hack: 'Works 99 per cent of the time'

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok 

For any parents struggling to get their baby to sleep, one?mum has shared her baby burping?hack, which she swears works "99?per cent" of the time.

Tay Becker, shared a clip to?TikTok?showing users her?"wiggle butt" trick, which she admits "looks ridiculous" but "works awesome."

In the clip, which has over 550,000 likes and 2300 comments, the mum demonstrated?how to do the "wiggle butt," starting off by making sure her son, Knox's?head and upper back is supported, reminding people to hold the infant tightly on your shoulder.

Then, she makes her hand into a 'C' shape, or as she calls it, a "Barbie" hand, which she hooks underneath the Knox's bottom.


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? original sound - Tay Becker

She then instructs people to?"wiggle" the baby's bottom gently back and forth, whole "holding their head, shift their legs back and forth."

"This is a gentle motion. Do not force their legs to shift or move!" she reminds people.

Her "wiggle butt" trick successfully works soon after, with Knox?burping and?Becker?saying?"There it is!"

Although she posted the hack, Becker told followers she didn't come up with it.?

The mum says to make a

The mum says to make a "Barbie hand" Photo: TikTok

"I found it on YouTube from a chiropractor when Knox was a newborn and we had a hard time getting him to burp," she explained.?"In our family, we call it the wiggle butt and it works like 99?percent of the time."

Parents were quick to comment on the video, many?saying they had successfully used it themselves.

"I just tried this cause?I was holding my son already and he burped super loud," one mum laughed.

The mum shared the clip to TikTok where is has over 550,000 likes.

The mum shared the clip to TikTok where is has over 550,000 likes. Photo: TikTok

"My fourth and a half month old twins have always been hard to burp. I tried this and OH MY GOOOSSHH! Worked like a charm," another grateful mum wrote.?

"Works so well," agreed another. "I'm telling my husband to do this too."