Mum slams professor who told her to breastfeed 'on her own time'

The mum posted a photo of herself attending an online class with her baby.
The mum posted a photo of herself attending an online class with her baby. Photo: Facebook

A mum has slammed her professor after he banned for from breastfeeding during a virtual class, telling her to "do that on your own time."

Marcella Mares, from California, said in a Facebook post her professor changed the requirements for the class, saying all students needed to have their?camera and microphone on in order to receive credit for the attendance.

Alongside a picture showing her breastfeeding her 10-month-old daughter with her laptop open, saying she "wanted to show that she can focus in class while breastfeeding."

"I told him I obviously don't have a problem with having my camera and microphone on, but I might need to turn them off to feed my daughter from time to time," she explained in the post. "His response was 'that's not what you should be doing during class. Do that on your own time.',"

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Posted by Marcella Mares on? Thursday, September 24, 2020

Attending the online class half an hour later, Mares was shocked with what her professor said at the beginning of the class.

"'I got this really weird email from a student stating she needed to do inappropriate things during lecture time'," Mares wrote. He didn't stop there, going on to say, "You guys need to understand that you have priorities now and you need to put all those distractions aside or be creative when your child needs you and give your full attention in my class"

"It was one thing to send the email telling me what I can and can't do in my house with my child. But it's a whole other thing when he announced a 'weird'?email was received about 'inappropriate'?things" the furious mother wrote.

"I felt so unmotivated during class I was so hurt that an actual human said these things about me and my breastfed baby in public to other students," she said, admitting it made her feel humiliated.


However, she then realised it wasn't her that should be made to feel this way.

"He discriminated against me and many others when he said, 'put those distractions aside or be creative when your child needs you'," the mother wrote. "Like what the f**k?! This is a child we are talking about not our phones or TVs or any other THING."

"Breastfeeding mamas and any mama that is trying to juggle school, work and a child should be praised not put down and humiliated," she said. "I love my baby and would choose her health over anything or anyone, any day of any week!"

Im mad. Im in class right now & he said I got a weird email from a student about her having to take care of some...

Posted by Marcella Mares on? Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mares' post was met with supportive comments, with?people praising the mum for standing up for herself.

"You are brave to post and speak about it," a fellow mother wrote. "I have to feed my baby too and luckily my classes don't require our cameras to be on, but I have had other meetings and I do not turn on my camera because my baby does not leave my side." ?

"I'm proud of you for standing up. You're doing what it takes to get a higher education and giving your baby the best you can," praised another user.

"Don't let anyone tell you when you can feed your daughter."