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Photographer captures moment couple lose engagement ring in sand

By Madhurima Haque|

What was supposed to be a romantic beachside proposal at sunset ended up being a night-long man-hunt after a couple dropped their engagement ring in the sand.

Posting footage to TikTok, the couple shared a number of videos that show the woman tackling the man in a hug after he proposed, causing the ring to fall out of the open ring box.

Their photographer caught the exact moment the ring flew out of the box in an incredible picture.?

Watch the video above.?

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Photographer captures exact moment ring falls put of box and into sand.
The photographer captured the exact moment the ring fell put of box and into the sand. (TikTok)

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It wasn't until they recovered from the happiness of the moment that they realised the ring was missing.?

What ensued was a treasure hunt that lasted well into the night.

The couple asked others to bring in sieves to manually find the ring by sifting through the sand, and even arranged two different metal detectors in the search, one of whom belonged to the photographers stepfather, a stranger who helped them search all night.

In the end, it was the photographer who found the ring with her humble phone flashlight in the dark of the night, using the photos she had just taken to determine where the ring might have landed.

?Commenters were amazed at the story.

The couple searched for the ring in the sand with a flashlight. (TikTok)

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"YOU CAUGHT THE SHOT??? NO F---ING WAY," wrote one incredulous commenter.

"That's how you know you did it right, you get a funny story to tell the kids," said another.

"Note to future fianc¨¦: Don't propose on beach," said another.

One jeweller explained that the photographer was able to find the ring as phone flashlights will make stones shine.

"I've dropped gems in the studio in daylight and " can still find them the same with the lights on though darkness. It works on sterling silver rings/precious metals too," she commented.

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