Hilary Duff shares new candid birth photos as she praises mothers everywhere: 'Make mountains move daily'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Hilary Duff has shared powerful new photos from daughter Mae's 'birth?day'?almost?four months after the baby girl arrived.

Duff and husband Matthew Koma welcomed their daughter in March in a home birth attended by their eldest daughter Banks, two, and Duff's son from her first marriage, Luca, nine.?

The Younger star posted a moving tribute to mums everywhere along with the photos, praising their power in both pregnancy, birth and parenting.

In the photos, Duff can be seen mid contraction, breathing through the pain as she's supported by both her birth team and Koma.

As well as a mood board she'd made to keep her spirits up during the labour, bearing inspirational quotes such as 'My body and my baby know what to do' and 'I am choosing love not fear'.?

"Feeling ready to share some photos of Mae Mae's birth day!!! For me to feel safe during birth and get to where I need to go, it's crucial to have the right support system. The perfect amount of space, counter-pressure, humour, stillness and people that support my power," Duff shared.

"My hubby is the most calm anchor in the room when I feel like climbing the walls and my little Molly is an extraordinary doula who sat with me when I needed to be still and quiet."?

The 33-year-old also revealed her own mum had been present during the birth, and had made snacks for those gathered, and kept an eye of Mae's brother and sister.


" The help that I have to support my other children while I am not able is maybe the most comforting thought of all. All hands on deck. Forever lol. This is hard work °≠ every way a woman brings a baby in is," she continued.

"From getting pregnant, to c-sections, hospital or home births, the breast feeding journey and raising these little beings responsibly to be stand up, confident, kind citizens of the world. It's completely consuming. A tedious, magical, miraculous adventure °≠ So cheers almighty mothers. You make mountains move daily."

The post attracted some high profile praise, including from fellow actress Mandy Moore, who commented: 'Love this and you!! Wowowow."?

While husband Koma said "My actual superhero," and Kimberly Van Der Beek said :So beautiful".???

Fans also thanked her for sharing such personal pictures and for 'normalising' birth.?

"Thank you for sharing and normalising birth! It is beautiful, empowering, hard, emotional, sweet, challenging and everything in between. And I've always appreciated your willingness to let us in on your experiences°™I definitely watched your birth videos while I was pregnant to feel excited and empowered," one wrote.