Katy Perry reveals the 'one thing' she can't wait to pass down to her daughter

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram Photo: Instagram

Katy?Perry has worn some pretty colourful and crazy clothes on stage and on the red carpet; but what does the singer do with her fabulous outfits once she's worn them?

Well, according to the American Idol judge, she's waiting to pass a few of the outfits down to her eight-month-old daughter Daisy, admitting from the moment she found out she was having?a girl, she wanted?to be able to share her wardrobe with her.

"I think about it all the time," Perry, 36, told?PopSugar. "I do a lot of clean ups, but I do have some stuff always that I'm thinking about. I need them to go somewhere. I want them to be worn again."

Perry and her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom, welcomed Daisy Dove Bloom into the world in August last year.

With some pretty memorable outfits in Perry's wardrobe, there's?sure to be a few for little Daisy to choose from when she's old enough. However, Perry is bracing herself for the possibility her daughter may not have the same taste that she does.

"[Daisy will] probably just be goth, and like, 'No, Mum. Thanks,'" she joked.

Even if Daisy doesn't share the same fashion sense, Perry said becoming a mother has been a "game changer" for her.


"It's amazing," she gushed. "It's the best decision I ever made."

The star echoed the sentiments in an emotional Mother's Day tweet.

"I found everything i was ever searching for when I became a mother," she wrote. "So grateful for that profound, deep love and honoured to join the mama club."

It's unclear yet whether or not Diasy will be lining up to wear the elephant costume.

It's unclear yet whether or not Diasy will be lining up to wear the elephant costume. Photo: Instagram