Mandy Moore's tribute to 'friend for life' who helped her survive first trials of new motherhood

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Mandy Moore has praised the?doula?who helped her navigate the first few trials of new parenthood, saying she'd made a 'friend for life'.

The?This is US?star and husband Taylor Goldsmith welcomed son August in February and,?as Moore explains, he was one of the first newborns the pair had been around.

Posting to?Instagram,?the 37-year-old shared how the couple hired a?doula?to help as they adjusted to post-partum life, saying she was there from their first night at home.?

"From teaching us to properly change a diaper and bathe our little guy (yah,?@taylordawesgoldsmith?and I didn't have much experience even holding a newborn pre-Gus) to understanding the ins and outs of nursing and pumping and everything in between (especially the ever elusive concept of SLEEP),"?Moore?captioned a series of photos of the family with?doula?Brandi?Jordan.

"She also graciously answered every inane question I bugged her with as we had our nightly tea together once the baby went down. As a mum of three, she understood the undeniably special bubble of time we were in the midst of and I can't wait for Gus to grasp how fortunate he was to have her in his orbit for these past few months.

"I too feel like I'm made a friend for life.?Brandi, we won't ever be able to express how much you've meant to our family."

Moore said they chose to hire support as she had to return to filming?This is Us?just a month after giving birth.?

In a recent Mother's Day post, Moore also spoke about how her son,?who she calls Goosey, changed her life.


"I am ever so grateful to have joined the magical club of motherhood. It's the privilege of my life to be your mum, Goosey. The past 11 weeks have unlocked a love so immediate - one I never knew possible," she wrote.

The actor?also recently?spoke to People?about the new experiences she was excited to share with Gus, including taking him to see his musician dad play.

"So much is revolving around my family, kind of always has, but obviously there's way more significance now being a mum. I'm just looking forward to all of the firsts that await us," she told People.?

"We're going to do a fair amount of?travelling?and taking Gus to see his dad play music for the first time, and hopefully see me play some music at some point too in the next couple months."