Morgan Stewart's warning to other new mums following shock thyroid diagnosis: 'I had no idea'

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook 

Reality star Morgan Stewart is warning new mums to take their health seriously after being diagnosed with post-partum thyroid issues.

The Rich Kids of Beverley Hills star and E! 'Daily Pop' show co-host?gave birth to her daughter Row?in February and put her symptoms - feeling lightheaded when she stood up, joint pain, and aches in her eye, down to the toll of caring for a newborn.

However when these intensified and she also began to experience extreme anxiety - a common issue when the thyroid is not functioning optimally - she went to her GP, more than two months after she first began to feel off.?

"If you're feeling off, please don't wait as long as I did to get things checked out, especially if you're a new momma," Stewart, 33, said in her Instagram stories.

As with many new mums, she believed?the tiredness and aches were to be expected with a newborn, until things got serious, with the Stewart also experiencing a swollen tongue, a heaviness in her throat and loss of feeling in one arm.

"My entire right arm began to go numb and I once again felt myself fade away from myself, but way more intensely, I was terrified," she shared.?"I just became more and more panicked and extreme anxiety began to set in. My arm was not functioning. It felt heavy to pick up."

"I became more and more incoherent. I was no longer speaking proper English or able to communicate efficiently. I was just lost in panic and uncertainty."

Her GP ran blood tests and told Stewart her thyroid levels were out of whack.


"My thyroid is so off the charts in overdrive, it's basically in outer space. Thyrotoxic was the term used to describe it," she continued. "It could be one of three things: a nodule on my thyroid,?Graves' disease?or sub-acute thyroiditis. So basically three things I had no idea about."

While Graves' disease - an autoimmune condition in which the thyroid becomes overactive and patients experience weight loss, anxiety and irritability and heat sensitivity, among other symptoms - was ruled out, Stewart is yet to hear back about the other conditions.?

Pregnancy can be a common trigger for thyroid issues in women, with post-partum thyroiditis affecting around five per cent of new mothers within the first year of giving birth.

It's thought fluctuations in the body's immune function during pregnancy and following birth can be a trigger.

?It can also present as hypothyrodism - an underactive thryoid, which can cause lethargy and fatigue, insomnia, old sensitivity, unexplained weight gain,?joint pain and depression.?

While most women who experience this will see their thyroid function return to normal within a year, for some it can cause lifelong issues and require treatment with a synthetic thyroid hormone to keep levels under control.?