18-month-old girl rescued after floating 1.6km out to sea while parents were 'momentarily distracted'

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook 

We've all been guilty of becoming?distracted while watching our kids - parents are human after all.

But one Tunisian couple's lapse in concentration resulted in their 18-month-old?daughter floating 1.6km out to sea and?result in?an?epic rescue mission?which thankfully managed to bring the toddler back to shore unharmed.

According to the?BBC?Gossip, her parents admitted to being?'momentarily distracted'?before realising she had?floated away?and calling authorities to the beach in?Kelibia,?in the north-east of the African coastal national.?

Quoting local radio station?Shems?FM, the BBC said?local authorities believe strong winds caused the toddler to travel very?quickly.?

A video reportedly showing the incident posted to Facebook shows the jetski driver racing to reach the toddler, who was sitting in a floating swim ring, as?another rescuer?holds on to her.?

It then pans out to show just how far she'd floated out from the shore, before both men help?the distraught little girl onto the jetski.?

A caption posted with the video, translated from Arabic reads: 'Brave to civil protection agents in?Kelibia, rescuing a child?half?carried by the wind away from the beach."?

"Bravo and please watch your children when swimming."

Many?social media users commented to share their shock - and relief that she was safely rescued.

"Oh my?gosh, thankfully she's safe!," wrote one. "Great job!! You gentlemen are angels!!," another praised her rescuers. While a third said: 'Thank god for her safety'.?