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Dad reveals hilarious reasons he was forced to apologise to his teenage kids

By Merryn Porter |

We all know parenting toddlers, with their unpredictable meltdowns, can be hard work. But at least it gets easier as they get older, right? Right? Wrong.

Those of us with teens can tell you they are also prone to losing it over the silliest things. Now a dad in the US has shared the hilarious reasons he has had to apologise to his children - and teen parents everywhere can relate.

The dad behind the TikTok account The Leighton Show regularly shares videos with his 257,000 followers about the humourous side of marriage and parenting.

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A US dad is sharing the reasons why he has had to apologise to his teenage kids in a series of funny videos. (TikTok)

"These are things I've apologised to my teenagers for," he began. "First, the smoothie I made was too cold, which caused mild discomfort. Sorry I couldn't change the thermodynamic properties of ice.

"Next, when we were driving to the swim meet I was startled by the sound of a car horn. Turns out it was just the radio and I was informed I should have been able to figure that out by the context clues because it happened right when Saweetie said 'Beep, beep is that my bestie in a tessie'.

"Finally, I have too many browser tabs open on my phone. I am not sure why this is anyone else's concern. I know it's been 18 months but I still might make that pasta recipe."

His list hit a nerve judging by the comments. "That Sawettie one took me out," wrote one while another said, "Please work on your thermodynamics knowledge."

"My kids are WAY too concerned about open browser tabs!" while another said "Yep, browser tab complaint every single time from my tween."

"I'm not a teen anymore but the browser tab thing is an issue! Please, I beg you to close them!" said another.

The reasons ranged from having too many browsers open on his phone to giving a thumb's up. (TikTok)

A follow-up video posted this week has already racked up almost 780,000 views and details more reasons why he had been forced to apologise to his teens.

"First, I gave a thumbs up to my daughter from the stands at a swim meet, thereby embarrassing myself and my family," he wrote. "This reminded me of the woman whose daughter instructed her not to cheer in full sentences at a volleyball game, you are only allowed to cheer in phrases."

"Next, I didn't realise my phone's flashlight was on. I know this makes me look even older than I am, so thanks to the greatest design company in the world that put the flashlight button right where my thumb goes every time I pick up the phone.

"And finally, when we were parked at a rest stop, both cars next to us reversed out of their spots at the same time and I panicked for a second because I thought our car was rolling forward. Please tell me this has happened to someone else?"

The post has so far drawn more than 90,000 likes and thousands of comments. At least one former teen felt bad for her past behaviour. "This is hilarious but I'm gonna go call my dad and apologise for my teen years," she wrote.

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