Mum reveals what happens to a belly button piecing during pregnancy: 'Don't do it'

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok 

Belly button rings had their time in the sun, but what happens when you no longer have a flat stomach.

One mum is warning girls?not to?get?a belly button piercing if they plan on getting pregnant?¡ª sharing her reasons on TikTok.

Responding to a question, "What's a mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help others avoid?" the mum,?Melinda Strauss, laid out the reasons why she wouldn't?suggest getting one.

"Don't get a belly button ring," she said in the TikTok video.

"I know they're cute, they're fun, you can accessorise [them]," Strauss urged. "Don't do it unless you're never planning to have kids and then go for it."


#stitch with @themrspedersen if you already have the piercing, I¡¯m sorry I didn¡¯t get to you in time! #piercings #learnedthehardway #hugemistake #fyp

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The mum explained that as your belly gets bigger when pregnant, so does the hole where the piercing is.

"Your belly gets really, really big, and so does the hole from the belly button ring, and then everything deflates after you have your baby," she said."?It becomes like a second belly button."

"And it's not cute. I had a regular belly button and then I had a second belly button," she warned.


The clip has been viewed more than 3.7 million times and been flooded with comments.

"At the beach I hook my keys on mine," one woman said.

"Tell me you lived through the '90s without telling me you lived through the '90s," one user joked.

Some people said they had the opposite experience.

"Anyone freaked out, it doesn't happen to everyone," one user said. "I got pregnant, took it out [then my] stomach went back to normal."