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tips for new dads
Welcome, dad!

This part of Easy Baby Life is dedicated to you. You’ll find tips on how to bond with your baby, how to help out during childbirth, explanations on what happens to both your own hormones (yes, they are affected!) and those of baby’s mom. Polls, tips, and much more. I hope you’ll find it helpful!

New moms have midwife visits, breathing classes, pregnancy yoga, support groups, lactation consultants, maternity leaves, playgroups, post-pregnancy yoga classes and you name it.

New dads have… well… I don’t know. Not much in terms of preparation and support. Unless he actively seeks it, of course.

A new dad (a very tired new dad) described his view of being a new father:

“Well, as a new dad, our mission is to help out, but of course it is limited since we can’t breastfeed.

Instead, we can work to bring home money, clean the house, do the laundry, do all the shopping, cooking, planning, taking care of the garden, diapering (day and night), burping (day and night), taking the baby out for stroller walks during the weekends, so that mom can sleep, volunteer to take care of all the early mornings, and of course, give my wife foot massage.

And not complain of course.

And be very understanding when she complains about being tired.”

New moms also have a gazillion of websites (including this one) offering all sorts of advice throughout the pregnancy and taking care of a baby. Without a doubt a lot of these tips are completely relevant dads too, but how about the stuff that is more relevant for dads than moms?

Not very impressive!

That’s something we’d like to change!

So welcome to our section with tips for new dads! If there are topics you would like to see added, please let us know!