Smoking baker foils safe-cracker in Melbourne's west

A baker having an early-morning cigarette in Melbourne's west early today allegedly foiled a safe-cracker when he heard a ¡®¡®drilling sound¡¯¡¯, police say.

The baker stepped outside for a smoke about 3.30am when he heard the drilling noise coming from a money exchange next door in Hampshire Road, Sunshine.

Ross McKenzie, owner of Enzie¡¯s Bakehouse, said a worker returned after a smoko to report plasterboard on the floor of the neighbouring money lender.

¡®¡®They always leave the lights on and you could definitely see plaster on the floor,¡¯¡¯ said Mr McKenzie.

¡®¡®There was also stacks of photocopy paper all over the floor, so we went around the back and you could hear a drill.

"It sounded like someone drilling, or using a jigsaw and cold chisel, on something.¡¯¡¯

Mr McKenzie said police attended and ¡®¡®had a listen¡¯¡¯.

Police were at first unsure how the man had entered the building, but later spotted a hole cut into the roof.

After confirming someone was inside, they called for support and blocked the street off.


He said a team of special operations group officers ¡®¡®wearing jackets, helmets and microphones¡¯¡¯ arrived at 4.30am.

At 4.55am he and his staff were told to shut the rear door of the bakery ¡®¡®because something is going to happen in the next few minutes¡¯¡¯.

¡®¡®We heard three loud crunches as they went in through the back door," said Mr McKenzie, who had three staff working through the night.

"They must have rammed it a few times with the 'big key', as they call it, and rushed in."

Mr McKenzie said he heard dogs barking as police stormed the building but there was no gun fire.

A 33-year-old Melton man was arrested and is being interviewed by police.