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Sylvia Jeffreys: 'It still feels surreal to be calling myself a mum'

By Ash Kent|

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but for Today Extra presenter Sylvia Jeffreys, all it takes is her husband, her mum and fellow new-mum Jayne Azzopardi.

Jeffreys is celebrating her very first Mother's Day this year after giving birth to her baby boy Oscar in January, and tells 9Honey that celebrating as a mum has given her "a greater appreciation for the day and what it's all about."

"It is kind of special to be celebrating as a mum, it still feels surreal to be calling myself a mum, it feels kind of strange," Jeffreys tells 9Honey.

She also adds that she has a new found appreciation for the sacrifices her mother made during her life.

"I've always been so appreciative of my mum for so many reasons, but she came and stayed with us for the first two weeks when Oscar was born," says Jeffreys.

"The support and care she provided me in those two very blurry weeks was just unbelievable so I have a whole new appreciation for her and all the mums in the world."

As terrifying as becoming a mum for the first time may seem, Jeffreys is also appreciative for her Nine colleague Jayne Azzopardi who also gave birth to her first son in January.

"We are so lucky to have each other Jayne and I... we ended up having our boys two days apart and two hospital beds apart, so the boys got to meet in hospital," Jeffreys says.

"We've sort of been riding this wave together from start to where we are now. There's always someone to call on in Jayne for me, I'm so lucky to have her as my sort of companion in this time."

As for her husband and new-dad Pete Stefanovic, Jeffreys says she has absorbed advice handed down from a friend to work as a team.

"It's been great team work between myself and Pete to get a nice sense of rhythm in the house," Jeffreys reveals.

"Not that there's a pattern to any particular day but we definitely as a team are arising to the challenge."

The YoungCare ambassador says that isolation has worked well for herself and Stefanovic, as the self-confessed "homebodies" have lived blissfully in their newborn bubble.

"Its sort of guilt free home time with the baby, and lots of time with daddy as well, he's home a lot during the day so its been a lovely little bubble for us we've really just soaked it all up," Jeffreys shares.

"It sort of feels like the whole world is on maternity leave, I don't feel like I've been missing out on anything."

As for the adorable Oscar himself, Jeffreys says that is showing personality already, and is besotted with her new little best friend.

"Its been awesome, he's gorgeous he's so much fun. He's hilarious at times," boasts the proud mum.

"He's super wriggly at the moment, when he's awake and he's just a joy. He's an absolute joy. We are super lucky to have this gorgeous little boy.

"Everything about him is new and delightful and unexpected because he's our first so it's very cool."

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