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About Us

Who we are?

9Honey is the lifestyle arm of

We are Australia's leading women's lifestyle network and the country's foremost authority on royal news.

We also pride ourselves on being non-judgemental. A place women (and men) can come for me time, to hear other readers' stories, and share their own, and to be assured that they will leave feeling inspired and entertained.

Every day we bring you the latest from the world of lifestyle, plus showbiz news, original first person pieces, exclusive interviews, opinions and expert advice.

We cater to the everyday Australian woman, focusing our articles and video content on subjects that capture hearts and stimulate minds.

With our direct links to Channel 9 we regularly feature interviews and articles from your favourite TV presenters including Allison Langdon, Deborah Knight, Sylvia Jeffreys and David Campbell.

9Honey has journalists in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, to make sure you get the best and latest lifestyle content, no matter where or when it happens.

Our royal content is led by respected commentator Victoria Arbiter, whose contacts and opinions are followed by royal fans around the globe.

9Honey Celebrity covers local and international entertainment news and pop culture. With a team based both locally and internationally, including a reporter in the UK and two in the US, 9Honey Celebrity accurately and fairly covers breaking and in-depth celebrity news, births, deaths, marriages and movie reviews.

9Honey Kitchen has a vast array of recipes, reviews, how-to-guides, kitchen hacks and quality content to satisfy every foodie, or amateur chef.

9Honey's Coach section ensures the coverage of health and fitness topics are fair, responsible and accurate. From expert analysis of the latest fad diet to breaking health news.

For the travelling enthusiast, or just those who like to daydream about it 9Honey Travel reviews and reports on the hottest, newest and most unusual travel destinations around the world.

9Honey's Style section is the leading destination for fashion and beauty news, inspiration, unique and engaging views, opinions and news about the world of fashion. You won't ever see a "who wore it best" or a disparaging report, instead we focus on the positive.

While 9Honey Latest and 9Honey You provide compelling lifestyle news and opinion, as well as advice and expert analysis.

What we stand for

We value our audience. So it's only fair that you know what we value.

Above all else, we value trust. Our team of journalists do the leg work to bring you stories that are accurate and informative. We would rather be right, than first.

Whether it's pop culture or sports results ¨C you can rely on us to keep you up-to-date and tell the human story behind the headline.

We love to entertain! Engaging content is what we do. It's in our DNA at Nine.

We value exclusivity.'s original articles are award winning and change-making.

With editorial operations around the world, our reporters are committed to fair journalism, when you need it, wherever you access your news and all for free.