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Bunnings declared a 'game changer' for cheap cleaning products after shopper spots huge dishwasher tablet bargain

By Rachael Gavin|

T?he high cost of dishwasher tablets has been a hot topic during the cost of living crisis, with big name brand products being spotted in supermarkets for as much as $70.

But one woman has reminded us of the importance of shopping around for bargains after finding a bulk pack of dishwasher tablets for a bargain price at an unlikely store.

Liv spotted the 77 pack of Finish quantum all-in-one for $24.95 at her local Bunnings and posted about the find in a TikTok video on her YouPay app channel.

Watch the video above.

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Dishwashing tablets
Liv found several cleaning product bargains at Bunnings. (TikTok/

"I said Chemist Warehouse was a really cheap place to get your cleaning essentials, but check out Bunnings first because they had the tablets there again today and I'm going to show you how good the prices are," she said.

She then revealed a photo of the Finish dishwasher tablets in store with a sign listing them for $24.95 for a pack of 77.? This means each tablet is about 32 cents, which is much cheaper than similar products in supermarkets.

"This changes the game," she added in a caption on the clip.?

While Coles and Woolworths don't seem to have the quantum version of dishwasher tablets, they do have a similar product with the Finish ultimate all-in one?.

At Woolworths a 72 pack of Finish ultimate all-in-one costs $42 or 58 cents each, while a 100 pack of the same product is currently $47 or 47 cents each.

Over at Coles, a 50 pack of Finish ultimate all-in-one dishwasher tablets costs $33 or 66 cents each, while the 100 pack is $47 or 47 cents each.

Bunnings confirmed to 9Honey Living that the 77 pack of Finish quantum all-in-one? is still available for $24.95, though stock is limited but more is coming soon. A spokesperson encouraged shoppers to check online or ask at their local store to check whether stock is available.

The store also sells a 112 pack of Finish all-in-one dishwashing tablets for $42.99?, which is about 38 cents each.

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Dishwashing tablets
This bulk buy is just $24.95 at Bunnings. (Bunnings)

The bulk pack of dishwasher tablets wasn't the only cleaning product Liv found? at Bunnings for a bargain price. She also saw a 6 kilogram box of Omo laundry detergent for $36.90, which is once again cheaper than a box of Omo laundry powder typically costs in supermarkets.

Liv also spotted a 900ml bottle of Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid for just $4.75. That is half the price of the same product at Woolworths and Coles, which at the time of publishing cost $9.50 at both stores.

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Shoppers who viewed Liv's videos were impressed with her finds, but also shared their own tips for getting cheap dishwashing tablets.

One recommended Aldi, where a 40 pack of Logix dishwasher tablets costs just $7.49 or 19 cents per tablet.

"They are fabulous," one commented.?

Another suggested The Reject Shop, which offers a 110 pack of classic Finish dishwasher tablets for $19.

And one told Liv to check out Woolworths Shine dishwashing tablets, which ?costs $12.80 for a 100 pack.

"Work just as well as the name brand ones," they said.?

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