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What we spend: Married couple expecting a baby

By Jemima Skelley|

How do you spend your money? And 每 perhaps more importantly 每 how do you save it??

With our What We Spend series, we're taking a look at the different ways Aussie ?couples and housemates spend their money each week.

This week, we chatted with married couple Sophie and Jake*, who live in Sydney and are a few months away from welcoming their first baby.

?Sophie: A 32-year-old journalist, earning $110,000 per year.

Jake: A 35-year-old architect, earning $120,000 per year.

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Sophie and Jake are expecting their first child, and aren't sure how much money they need to save. (Getty)

?What are your weekly bills/expenses? Any savings?

We bought a unit about two years ago, so that was all our savings gone 每 plus a huge chunk of our income goes toward paying off the mortgage.

Because we're so close to having a baby, we're trying to save as much as possible and cut out any unnecessary expenses. Though we have a rough idea, we really have no idea how much it's going to cost us to raise a baby.

?Ideally, we'll have a good chunk saved by the time Soph gives birth, but it's pretty hard to save much at the moment.


Our salaries are pretty similar, so we just pool our salaries and split expenses down the middle to make things easy.

Savings: $700
Mortgage: ?$985
Groceries: $130
Petrol and parking: $15
Internet/phone: $48
Gym: $35
Streaming: $19
Utilities: $27
Health insurance: $75
Medical appointments: $22
Weekly takeout night: $50

Total weekly expenses: $2106 for both Soph and Jake

What are your thoughts on your spending habits? Do you spend much outside your weekly regular expenses??

In the last two years, we've really reigned in our spending habits and tried to not spend too much outside our regular expenses.

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More and more Australians are saving money by cooking and making coffee at home. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

In our 20s, we'd go to the pub a lot more after work, have dinners out, take weekend trips, and splurge on treats. But now we've got a mortgage and a baby coming, that's kind of not an option anymore.

It sucks, and it's been a hard adjustment, but that's just growing up we guess.


Every morning we drive to the station together - which has free parking - and get the train into work, which is $8.10 each both ways. On Mondays, we always get coffee on the way 每 $11.50 for both of us.

Other than that, it's a spend-free day.

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We made our coffee at home, so $8.10 each on the train, then Sophie spent $17 on lunch. On the way home we picked up a box of Magnums from Coles for dessert, $10.50.


Another $8.10 each on the train. Jake orders some new clothes online, which is $95. After weeks of scouring Facebook Marketplace, Soph finds the perfect baby crib for $120, so we go pick it up after work.

The couple are struggling to figure out just how much a baby will cost. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)


?Soph works from home so she can drive to a doctor's appointment in the arvo, and pays $10 for parking. Jake spends $8.10 on the train, then has a co-worker's farewell drinks after work and spends $45. An Uber home from the station is $17.


We both work from home, but go on a morning walk and buy coffee, $11.50. Friday is usually our takeaway night, but the $50 we spend is built into our weekly expenses budget.


We have brunch with some friends, and spend $8.50 to park around the corner from the cafe we go to. It's a birthday celebration, so we spend more than usual 每 $62 on food then we go to a cute bar for some afternoon drinks, where we spend another $45 on beer and mocktails.


A zero-spend day, as we're just chilling at home, then go to Jake's parents' place for dinner.

Total weekly spending:? $509.70 for both

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"If we just stayed home every day, we might save more, but we'd be bored and sad!" (Getty)

Final thoughts

This is a pretty regular week for us 每 though we did a bit of shopping and splurged a bit on going out for brunch, those sorts of things are unavoidable. And if we just stayed home every day, we might save more, but we'd be bored and sad!

?Again, we really have no idea how much money we're going to be spending when our kid comes along. So we're doing our best to be prepared. Will it be enough? I guess we'll find out.

*Names have been changed.?

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