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Love Island star Camilla Thurlow shares why she's hesitant to share her baby's milestones

By Chantelle Bozicevic|

Love Island star Camilla Thurlow has shared why she's been hesitant to share her baby's milestones on social media.

Thurlow is mother to two children, Nell, 3, and Nora, 1, as well as being pregnant with her third child with partner ?Jamie Jewitt.

The reality TV star has been praised for her honesty in the difference between raising her eldest daughter compared to her youngest, recently sharing that Nora had just started crawling at 20-months-old and was not yet walking.

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Camilla Thurlow daughter Nora
Camilla Thurlow was praised for her honesty on social media. (Instagram)

?"I got a lot of messages from mums who have been feeling worried, or isolated, as the majority of what they see on here are other babies reaching certain milestones," she wrote of the response she received from her social media followers.

"It really got me thinking because I shared a lot of 'firsts' with Nell without even really realising I was doing it, I would just want to share how cute she was using her fork, or be so excited she'd said mama and was making funny babbling sounds," she continued.

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"But having a second child on a very different timeframe has reminded me how much easier it is (without even realising you're doing it) to fill a square, or story, with something that someone is doing rather than isn't doing."

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Camilla Thurlow daughter Nora
The Love Island star shared the difference between raising her youngest and eldest. (Instagram)

She added that she wanted to make sure other parents don't feel like they're alone if their babies aren't hitting the milestones that they're seeing others reach on social media. ?

Thurlow then got honest about her youngest child's development, sharing that she's behind where her eldest was at the same point, but making sure to clarify that there's nothing wrong with that. ?

"She's very much on her own timeframe for everything, although I've only touched on gross motor development on here before," she said. "She doesn't speak C about 8 months ago she said dada for the first time and then overnight she stopped and hasn't said it since. She has never said mama. Day to day we are still working on her cutlery and practical skills."

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Camilla Thurlow daughter's Nell and Nora
She wants to make sure parents don't feel along if their babies aren't reaching the milestones they see on social media. (Instagram)

Thurlow and Jewitt have been sure to take Nora for regular assessments, ensuring that she has all the supports she needs to thrive. ?

"I want Nora to know she can be a baby for as long as she wants or needs to. We are very proud of how she is steadfastly moving through the world at her own pace," she continued. "The last thing I want is for her to grow up thinking that life is a race, or that she needs to be the fastest, smartest, funniest or loudest person in the room to be worthy of love.

"She will be loved absolutely wholeheartedly and unconditionally for exactly who she is, and because we are lucky enough that she is ours."

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