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Jen Hawkins shares daughter's Sudocrem mishap

By Madhurima Haque|

No parent is immune from a Sudocrem disaster it seems - not even celebrities! Model Jennifer Hawkins has shared her daughter Frankie's recent messy Sudocrem mishap with her Instagram followers.

The post shows the scene of the crime, with Frankie's hand and the doll's face covered in Sudocrem. As the camera zooms in on Frankie, she shiftily looks away from her mum, despite the open tub in her hands. "Sweet little ones (with a side of Sudocream!!) Haha," captioned the mum-of-two.

Fellow parents, including some celebrities, empathised the the clean-up Hawkins was faced with.

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Jen Hawkin's daughter Frankie sitting with her right hand covered in sudocream, holding the container in her left hand, and with her doll on her right with a face covered in sudocream.
Jen Hawkins' daughter Frankie at the scene of the crime. (Instagram)

"Omg! That Sudocrem is hard to get off," commented model Lindy Rama-Ellis. "Best facial ever," added Sophie Monk.

"If you haven't had a Sudocrem incident, have you even parented?!?" said one parent.

"I am SO glad that's not not your baby brother Frankie," said another. "Omg!!! Hope Santa bringing a new dolly for Frankie and new tub of Sudocrem for Hendrix," one commenter added.

"Why do they make the lids so easy to remove?" one commenter lamented.

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Other parents chimed in with their own mishaps.

"I experienced the same thing with my youngest several years ago. Should write a book on what kids can do, so we know to keep that stuff out of reach!" said one.

"Every. Single. Kid. Lol they all have their Sudo moment. God damn it's a rite of passage for every parent unfortunately. Good luck getting it off," said another.

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Hawkins also shared some snaps with her newborn, Hendrix, who was born in October of this year. In addition to the Sudocrem mess, she included pictures of her holding her new baby, his feet covered in woolen booties, as well as a snap of mum and daughter with hearts drawn on their hands.

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