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Mum's terrifying discovery on baby monitor footage: 'I'll never sleep again'

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Kids can come out with some creepy things... and leave us stumped when they know something we never told them or talk about a great-grandparent they never met.

But one mum is taking her daughter's tales about a ghost more seriously after capturing what she believes is footage of the eerie presence in her bedroom on her baby monitor. ?

Sharing the now-viral clip on TikTok the California-based mum explained her young daughter had been telling her "for months" that "someone was in her closet".

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In the vision, the wardrobe door appears to swing open by itself. (TikTok)

While at first, the little girl "named a very specific family member" that had died, she now said it was a "bad man", leaving her mum Deanna slightly freaked out.

In the footage, which has been viewed 9.1 million times, we see Deanna's daughter sleeping peacefully in bed, before the wardrobe door appears to swing open by itself.

"Listen, you can hear the door open... you can even see the knob twist," she writes, alongside the hashtags 'paranormalactivity', 'realghost' and 'hauntedhouse'. "There is no room for anybody to physically be in that closet.

"?Being a believer of this kind of stuff I repeatedly told my husband that we should have our pastor bless the house, this is not the first thing we have had happen. Nor is it the first caught on camera BUT this was the first that is absolutely 1000 per cent unexplainable."

Deanna found the vision after her daughter woke up crying saying her face hurt, and she wanted to see how she'd been injured.?

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Deanna showed how the wardrobe did not have space for someone to fit inside. (TikTok)

She says no one could 'physically' fit in the closet and that if she could afford to, she would already be moving the family out of the house.?

"I would not have seen this except for the fact that she woke up crying five minutes after saying her face hurt which I then discovered a fresh scratch, I then decided to see what she did (thinking she must've been doing something other than sleeping) instead I found this."

"If I had the money we'd already be moved."

Deanna also said she hadn't let her daughter sleep in that room since. In follow-up clips she shows inside the heavily packed wardrobe, which did not have room to fit a person. In another, she shows what some suggested looked like a woman's arm in a dress.

Many viewers were equally freaked out by the vision, with many commenting that it appeared her daughter's blanket was "moving" near her feet.

"Thanks so much for this I will never sleep again," said one. "Don't leave her alone in the room," said another.

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The figure some people claim to see, which they say looks like a woman wearing a dress. (TikTok)

"?Medium here. This is negative energy. I would strongly recommend a cleansing immediately. If your daughter is being touched, scratched, scared or harmed, more of a reason to have your house blessed/cleansed/investigated/Cleared," added another.

While some shared their own stories of otherworldly encounters.

"Our son said the same thing. We found out the old owners son died and that was his room. We put the house on the market the next week," shared one mum.

However, some were more skeptical. "Does the door not latch properly? Could be something as simple as that, not everything is supernatural," argued one.

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