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These are things people from around the world think Australians have in their homes

By 9Honey|

I?t is easy to assume most Canadians have a stash of maple syrup in their homes, and the English probably never run out of tea bags.

But what about Australia?

When a Reddit user asked 'Non-Australians of Reddit, what is something you think every Australian household has?', there were over 100 responses from our friends overseas.

Here are just some things people believe every Aussie has in their home, from the surprisingly accurate to the wildly impossible.

These are things people from around the world think Australians have in their homes. (Nine/iStock)

Native animals

"When I was a kid and visiting family in Australia, my Auntie had a koala living in her backyard, so I thought that meant all Australians had pet koalas growing up.?" - LadySleepyBuns

"A kangaroo jumping around in their yard." - FigLevel3277

"Kangaroos in the closet." - AkA_Amnessia

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It's true. We do all have this in our homes. (Anchor)

Delicious food

"A tube of Vegemite." - jeremyxt

"Pavlova." - mess-maker

"Tim Tams." - DoableDelusions

"A barbecue!"? - ClarkTheSlark

The greatest seasoning of all time

"Chicken salt."? - coobmaroog

Snakes and other things that could possibly kill us?

"A massive hench f---er of a huntsman who has free reign of one of the rooms." - SunnyvaleShithawk

"Spiders or something extremely deadly and poisonous." - TheRuralJuror118

"A friendly python." - bilboslefttesticle

"Critters that want to try to kill you" - BadStitch626

"Uncommon variety of pets. Spiders, snakes, etc." - cryingball

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A very large butter knife. (Crocodile Dundee)

Protection? against the above

"20 different kinds of serums and anti-venom." - MonkeyKingCoffee

"A flamethrower to clear a way through the critters from the house to the car in the morning." - DAMAAAAAAAN

"Something to kill really big spiders!" - ThebarkingLion

"An armory to battle those insanely large spiders. Hell-to-the no!" - OrlandoMB

"A Croc Dundee knife used as a butter knife." - get_off_my_lawn_n0w

"?A fly swatter." - akchemy

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Men At Work's album Business As Usual. (CBS)

The height of fashion ?

"Flip flops aka thongs." - inksmudgedhand

"Gotta be a boomerang and a corked hat somewhere surely." - DJToblerone

?Sports paraphernalia

"Minimum 2 rugby jerseys and a flat ball." - get_off_my_lawn_n0w

Something for the thirsty?

"People doing shoe-ies." - OGVinnycat

"A beer fridge." - R4NK5?

Excellent music

"The complete Men At Work discography on original vinyl pressings.?" - AdamantiumTeeth

Endangered Australian words we just don't hear anymore

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