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Couple shocked by pregnancy just a month after husband's vasectomy

By Georgia Weir|

For some couples, lots of planning goes into the decision to have a baby. But for others, a baby can come as a complete shock.

This was the experience of one couple after receiving a positive pregnancy test, despite the husband having undergone a vasectomy just one month before.

Amber and Reed post to TikTok under the handle @Kennedyandme. The married couple, who document their adoption journey, posted the shocking news to their audience of almost 500,000 followers.

Watch the video above.?

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The TikTok mum showed her husband getting his vasectomy back in August. (TikTok)

The viral video showed Reed getting out of the car prior to his vasectomy surgery, which was scheduled at the end of August.?

The video then cuts to three weeks later where Amber holds up a pregnancy test. The mum said this was "just moments before I told my husband."

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The expecting mum said her husband fell silent once she broke the news, and the video has since amassed over a million views.

Amber, Reed and their daughter Kennedy. (TikTok)

Amber explained her husband Reed got a vasectomy after the couple successfully adopted their daughter, Kennedy. Amber said the vasectomy was a joint decision in order for the couple to focus on their new daughter.

"I was feeling kind of funny, I didn't tell my husband so he wouldn't freak," Amber said in a follow-up video.

After quietly ducking out to pick up a pregnancy test, her funny feeling was confirmed with a positive result.

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Amber says that her daughter Kennedy "can't wait" for her younger sibling. (TikTok)

"At first we were shocked and I felt kind of queasy, but getting excited came pretty easy," the TikTok mum said.

According to Healthline, pregnancy following a vasectomy is extremely rare. Amber says the initial shock has "worn off" and now the family of three are more than excited.

"Kennedy can't wait," she added.

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