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Planning a party? How to cope with kids' birthday party politics

By 9Honey Parenting|

B?irthday parties can cause a huge amount of angst for parents and kids alike.

From hosting the event, to missing out on an invitation - there is a minefield of issues that can arise from the milestone celebration.

Fortunately, parenting guru Dr Justin Coulson is here to help you solve all the birthday party politics.

Watch the exclusive video above?.

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Planning or attending a party is rarely a simple affair. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

?"Birthday party politics can leave people feeling excluded or ostracised, but they are also a really good chance to teach resilience and show how to build real relationships that generally matter," Dr Coulson explains.

Among his top tips are making a guest list with your child, asking who they want to invite - and why, and sticking to the agreed numbers. ?

And if your child doesn't make the invite list to a friend's party? While parents may feel internally devastated for their child, it's important to teach them resilience. ?

"Shrug your shoulders, hug your kiddo and be the compassionate supportive parent. Let them know this stuff happens," he advises.

Watch the video in full above for all of Dr Coulson's advice.?

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