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Heidi Krause

Heidi Krause, Deputy Parenting Editor 9Honey

Heidi Krause

Deputy Parenting Editor

Heidi is a journalist and editor with over 20 years experience across TV, magazines and digital media.

She began her career as a segment producer on the TODAY show, and has since helped create award-winning content for some of Australia's biggest brands and media companies including Foxtel, Yahoo!7, Women's Health and Reader's Digest.

With a passion for thought-provoking lifestyle content, she is committed to sharing raw and honest stories about parenthood and giving a voice to those without one. She strives to shine a spotlight on issues such as postnatal depression, pregnancy loss and parenting children with additional needs.

She is also a mum of two highly energetic young boys and frequently fantasises about travelling overseas with herself, a small backpack and no itinerary.

You can follow Heidi on LinkedIn, Instagram or email her at

By Heidi Krause