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'Counting down the days': Natalia Cooper shares stunning new family photos and 'special' pregnancy update

By Heidi Krause|

Natalia Cooperis counting down the days until she meets her new bundle of joy.

The Nine News presenter and soon-to-be mum-of-two has shared her stunning new maternity shoot pics with 9Honey Parenting C and an exclusive update.

"We just can't wait until December when we get to meet our little girl. Counting down the days!" she gushed, alongside her husband Carl and little boy Ezra.

"Growing a child really is such a miracle and I feel very lucky."

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Natalia Cooper and her husband Carl are expecting their second baby in December. Natalia wears Seed and Carl wears Country Road. Credit: Simon Westlake (Supplied)

?And while Natalia admits she is tired and that the third trimester has "hit her hard", she appears to be absolutely glowing.

"?I wake up, have breakfast and literally want to go straight back to sleep!" she laughs.

"But obviously that's not possible with a three-year-old. My iron levels are low, so I'm having an iron infusion soon to hopefully boost them."

"Growing a child really is such a miracle and I feel very lucky."

"The heartburn has been next level, along with the tiredness. Also getting short of breath C everyone at work could hear me huffing and puffing up the stairs!"

Natalia also experienced "extreme nausea" until about week 17 and says she is very grateful it's now gone.

"I? have so much sympathy for women who are nauseous and vomiting for their entire pregnancies, it must be extremely tough. And despite the challenging symptoms, I'm so grateful to be pregnant with our little girl."

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Natalia Cooper with her husband and three-year-old son Ezra. Natalia and Carl wear Country Road, Ezra wears Seed.Credit: Simon Westlake (Nine / Supplied)

"How women's bodies change and grow to accommodate new life, it's special."

While she's now officially on maternity leave, having finished from the Nine News desk in Perth at the end of October, the busy mum admits time does seem to pass more quickly the second time, juggling work and a toddler.

"I'm still down on the floor playing Lego with Ezra and building cubby houses," she said.

"I'm also still picking him up - even though you're not really meant to. You just manage as best you can."

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'We are down to two names'

As for the all-important baby name decision, Natalia says they are "down to two favourites."

"We definitely have her middle names locked in," she reveals.

"Ezra is so adorable. He has his heart set on naming his baby sister 'Ezra', he wants her to be just like him. I can't bear to think about how we're going to break it to him that she has her own name.

"We think he'll be such a great big brother. He's a very kind and caring little boy and he's excited to help Mummy and Daddy out.

"This baby girl really is going to be the best little Christmas present ever.?"

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Natalia Cooper can't wait to meet her baby girl. Credit: Simon Westlake (Nine / Supplied)

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