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Single dad shamed for trying to change daughter's nappy: Called a 'pervert'

By Naomi White|

A single dad has shared his frustration after being publicly shamed for trying to change his baby's nappy while shopping.

The man, 28, shared how he had become a single father after his partner died 'due to pregnancy issues'.

Now his baby is four-months-old, the dad is understandably very protective of her, not allowing for babysitters to care for her yet. However taking her everywhere, including grocery shopping, has proven challenging, as he explained on Reddit, because public spaces were not accommodating for dads.

His latest failed attempt to shop with his baby in tow led him to seek advice, after his refusal to hand his baby to a stranger for a nappy change saw him labelled a 'pervert'.

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The dad shared how his wife had died in labour.
The dad shared how his wife had died in labour. (iStock)

Explaining how his daughter needed a change while shopping for formula, he said he first tried the family bathroom, only to find no change table in there. He then tried the mens' room, but again had no luck.

Approaching a staff member, he was told ?the only table was in the women's bathroom. Another shopper then asked to take his baby and change him for her. When he politely declined, he says the woman blew up.

"Anyway, I declined her offer but asked the worker I was talking to if she could check if there was anyone in the women's bathroom so I could go change her in there," he explained.

"The other woman that came over to me says it's inappropriate for a man to go into a women's bathroom and offered to change my baby again. I refused, and said that she's a stranger and I'd rather not leave her with my child."

The woman then gave him a lecture about how she knew more about parenting as she was a woman, and he should just let her change his daughter, he continued.

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A single dad has shared how he wasn't allowed into the women's toilets to change his baby's nappy.
A single dad has shared how he wasn't allowed into the women's toilets to change his baby's nappy. (iStock)

"?I was over it at this point. My child was crying and she smelled like a rotten corpse. I walked past the lady and made my way over to the women's bathroom," he shared.

"She blocks my way with her shopping cart and calls me a pervert. There's a small crowd gathering from all the commotion and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea so I walk into the family bathroom and change her on my lap."

When things got messy, he was then forced to take off his shirt, which further made him look 'sketchy'. ?

"As I'm walking out I'm getting glares from every woman that was around, looking at me like I did something bad. I didn't even pay for the formula I got, I just left the cart and ended up going to target."

He said some friends felt he shouldn't have tried to go into the women's room, while others agreed he was just trying to do the best by his daughter. ?

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A single dad has shared on Reddit how he was publicly shamed for trying to change his baby's nappy.
The dad said he was left confused by the situation. (iStock)

Reddit sided with the dad, saying the woman's reaction was uncalled for and he'd done nothing wrong.

"No one in their right mind would hand over their four-month-old to a total stranger and let them change their nappy," said one.

"It drives me bonkers that changing facilities aren't available in every bathroom, dads need to change their kids too. It's not the '50's anymore it's time for society to catch up and update the infrastructure," agreed another.

"I'm a dad of a three-year-old and 11-month-old twins. I would never let them out if my sight for a stranger to change any of them," a fellow dad empathised.

Others suggested that the woman could have helped in other ways.?

"As a woman I would have cleared the women's restroom for you! And then filed a complaint with the store that they didn't have any way for father's the change a child," said one.

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